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Drop-In Spinning

Want to learn a new technique, fine tune your spinning wheel, and enjoy a day of spinning? We will review wheel maintenance and explore different drafting and plying techniques. Beginners welcome. Please bring your wheel or try one of our floor models. One class session; available dates listed below. Instructor: Susan Snider

DATE: scheduling soon!

TIME:  1:00 - 4:00 pm    FEE: $30 

Needle Felting

Needle felting is a delightful craft which is relaxing, inexpensive and potentially addictive. Needle felting is the art of sculpting wool with special barbed needles. The needle barbs catch scales on the wool fibers causing them to bind together, eventually turning a handful of fluffy wool into the shape you want. The cost of the workshop includes instruction on the basics of needle felting and all supplies needed to make a felted butterfly in one session. One class session; available dates listed below. Instructor: Susan Snider

DATES: scheduling soon!  TIME: 10 am to Noon   FEE: $30 per class

Rigid Heddle Weaving

Always wanted to learn how to weave but don't have room or the budget for a floor loom? Rigid heddle weaving is an affordable and easy way to explore the world of weaving. In this workshop you will you will learn how to warp the loom and explore techniques incorporating color and texture. Rigid heddle weaving is a great stash buster for knitters and spinners. Everyone goes home with a sample. Fee includes use of a loom and all materials. One class session; available dates listed below. Instructor:  Susan Snider

DATE:  scheduling soon! TIME:  10:00 - 4:00pm   FEE:  $125 

Wet Felting 

Wet felting is a process used to make wool and other animal fibers into the dense fabric known as felt. The process involves the application of warm, soapy water, which causes layers of fleece placed at 90 degree angles to one another to hook together into a single piece of fabric. We will explore three felting techniques; felting by hand and forming a bowl, nuno felting and a felted landscape piece on the felting table. Class includes fiber and supplies. Prepare to get a bit wet! Instructor: Susan Snider

DATES:  scheduling soon!   TIME:  10:00 - 4:00 pm   FEE:  $125

Intro to Free-Form Tapestry Weaving

If you are looking for a new fiber craft, would like to find a way to put all the odds and ends of your yarn stash to good use, or would like to learn weaving on a smaller scale to start, this workshop will check all the boxes! Free-form weaving on a small frame loom is a fun introduction to traditional handweaving techniques. Create a beautiful work of art that you can hang on your wall when you are done!  Small frame looms will be available to purchase separate from the class fee or use one of our looms. Fiber will be provided. One class session; available dates listed below. Instructor: Susan Snider

DATE:  scheduling soon! TIME:  10:00 - 4:00pm   FEE:  $125 

Intro to Dyeing Yarn

Learn how dye yarn with acid dyes and achieve different results using varied dyeing techniques. Class includes fiber and supplies. Instructor: Susan Snider

DATES: scheduling soon!  TIME: 10:00 - 4:00 pm   FEE: $125

Drop Spindle Spinning

 A drop spindle is a great way to learn how to spin. You will learn why wool spins, drafting and fiber control. This class is excellent for those who have never spun and would like to learn the fundamentals before graduating to a spinning wheel or for those who can use a wheel but never mastered the drop spindle. Fee includes use of drop spindle and materials. Instructor: Susan Snider

DATE:   private lessons available   TIME:  by appointment  FEE: $45

Creating Wild and Crazy Yarns!

Art yarn, novelty yarn or just crazy yarn is all the rage! Art in of itself, it's fun to spin. You will learn the rules of making a yarn with structure and integrity and than how to break the rules and let your imagination run wild. This full day class will start with making art batts and explore various techniques such as auto wrapping, core spinning and incorporating found objects. This is an intermediate class. Students must know how to spin on a spinning wheel. Workshop includes fiber. Bring your own wheel. One class session; available dates listed below. Instructor: Susan Snider

DATE: private lessons available    TIME:  by appointment    FEE: $140


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We offer private lessons for spinning, felting, and weaving (rigid heddle, floor and frame looms).  We rent spinning wheels, rigid heddle looms and other equipment.

Please call (802) 496-7746 or email susan@madriverfibermill.com for more information and to register