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Processed in our Mill; our yarn is 100% Vermont wool, hand dyed in house.  There are fibers and yarns of all types; wool, alpaca, llama and mohair.  We carry spinning and weaving equipment from Ashford Wheels and Looms and Schacht Spindle Company.  We ship.  Retail hours on home page.  Custom order delivery and pick-up by appointment. 


Our Customers

It is important to us to help build a sustainable and vibrant fiber arts community in Vermont. We believe by working together we can increase awareness and appreciation for the local products we produce. Our customers who raise the fiber animals and process their fiber at our Mill provide a wide range of beautiful yarns, rovings and fiber products that are breed specific, come in a wide range of natural colors and yarn sizes. We encourage you to support your local Vermont shepherds and farmers.  And to shop your LYS for "Made in Vermont" yarn. 

Petersholm Farm 

Shetland sheep.  Yarn, roving, thrum mitten kits.

135 Peterson Lane, Williston, VT  05495.  Phone:(802) 879-1533.







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