Dye Plant Garden

June 09, 2017

Rain, rain, go away. Here in Vermont we've had a very wet spring. Hope the sun is shining where you are. ?Once the sun comes out we will be clearing our perennial beds and planting a dye garden. Thanks to Jennifer Johnson owner of Plant Spirit Fibers in Brookfield, VT we have a wonderful selection of plants. Here's what we got.

?Dyers chamomile - The dainty plant with yellow flowers will yield bright yellows while the leaves and stems give shades of green.
Hearty hibiscus - The dark red and deep pink flowers will range from lilac to maroon.
Hollyhocks - Common in many gardens these large flowering stalks will yield mauve and maroon.  Hope these grow, the deer love it.
Madder - The roots of this ancient plant have yield valuable red dye for centuries.
Motherwort - Some consider this plant a weed.  It gives a pale yellow color great for over dyeing with indigo for fascinating greens.e
Weld - also known as Dyer's rocket gives some the light fast yellow color know. Weld has been a popular dye plant since Roman times.

Here comes the sun.  

Always in fiber,





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